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We ensure that all of our patients are treated as unique individuals with unique perspectives, problems, and circumstances.

Treatment Areas


In conjunction with medication, We offer in-depth interviews and histories to determine the underlying conditions for depression, focusing on a comprehensive approach for treatment.


We work to understand the conditions for your anxious, nervous feelings, focusing on a range of treatments for anxiety and social anxiety, investigating your unique medical history and circumstances.


Collaborative Minds uses board-certified assessments to accurately diagnose your illness, and relies on a range of treatments including medications to help you find focus and concentration again.


As soon as you begin treatment at Collaborative Minds, we work to diagnose the exact type of this condition that you are suffering from, so that we can tailor your treatment plan accordingly.

Our Medical Director

Psychiatrist Dr. Larry W. Warner Jr. is the founder and chief medical officer of Collaborative Minds. His area of expertise includes treatments of depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, psychosis, ADHD and comorbidities of psychiatric illness with substance abuse.

Dr. Larry W. Warner Jr., MD

New Patients Welcome

Collaborative Minds welcomes all prospective patients, but due to the specialized nature of our care, the process does require just a little more than a phone call. Our staff will review your case, and if you are accepted, we will begin the scheduling process for your first appointment. Call 225-456-2884 to being the process.
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